Hannah is my daughter. She is a dab hand a wrapping and labeling soaps and helping to set up tables at any events. She is also one of the main product testers. She likes xbox, memes and dogs. OH MY GOODNESS, how she loves dogs! She works nights in a pub so doesnt surface until at least midday.

Me aka Wendy

Founder of Aroma Soaps. My favorite things are 80's music (spot the connections with the names of my soaps), my family and driving with the top down on my TT Roadster.

I was a pawnbroker for nearly 15 years which has taught me nothing about soaping but lots about how to treat people, about how family is the most important thing in life and about how to have fun. Oh and how to build a spreadsheet......I'm pretty good at that!

My motto - Life is too short to stress about stuff so go for a bath and relax 

Fionna aka Mum & Nana

Fionna is my Mum and Hannah's Nana. She has been the main product tester for Love Spell No 9 which is her favorite soap. So don't ask her to recommend any others! She has been an enormous help in the initial stages of starting Aroma Soaps. Giving me encouragement and assisting at events. Thanks Mum x

We are family. Get up everybody and sing

(in the shower with a nice bar of soap)